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tumbao February 15, 2011 11:00

Surface reaction rate temperature dependence
Hi everyone !

I am modeling a surface reaction at the walls of a channel. I disabled the "heat of surface reaction" in the species menu and I set adiabatic boundary condition along the channel, so that the temperature should be determined only by the inlet temperature. I use the default Arrhenius reaction rate constant but the reaction rate does not show any temperature dependence as would be expected: the species concentrations along the channel remain the same, whatever inlet temperature I use. Moreover, the temperature does change and follow an exponential profile similar to that of the species along the channel.

Hence my question: why ? It does make sense to me and I guess there is something wrong in my settings but I cant see what...

If you have any suggestion, please do share it !
Thanks a lot !

PS: i even set all the enthalpies to 0 to check if fluent was considering them but this did not change the results.

tumbao February 17, 2011 10:14

problem solved....
the activation energy was too low.... hence the weak temperature-dependence.

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