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eng.nassim February 16, 2011 10:55

Interface-Wall IDs
hi all
in my grid which is made by gambit I have 2 circular interfaces,the problem is: when exporting the mesh to Fluent you will find Interface-Wall IDs on some parts of the interfaces, this means fluent will consider these parts as walls not as interfaces.
the main note is: I have no unconnected faces, edges,or vertices in my grid,and if you tried to connect the edges,Gambit will connect them,this means Gambit is recognizing that these 2 (for examble) edges are identical and this is expected because the second interface was made by copying the first circle using zero for transition vector,
now fluent gives Interface-Wall IDs and if zoom in the problematic area you will see the 2 edges not identical?????????????
I've tried to use Tgrid and I had the same problem
can anyone help me PLZ
Is this some thing can be related to different tolerance values between Gambit & FLUENT???

eng.nassim February 19, 2011 19:04


Originally Posted by eng.nassim (Post 295537)
can anyone help me PLZ

hi all I,ve solved this problem, thanks 4 ur help
the solution is to carefully distribute the nodes on
the edges forming interfaces

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