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M_Flodin February 21, 2011 09:14

Permeability for porous body
I have a question about how to set permeability. I have 4 channels with a porous body in between as a cross. I have a value for the permeability of the porous wall but I'm not sure where I can set it.
Under cell zone conditions for the porous body I have used the Power Law model and set the parameters to recieve an pressure drop around 2000 Pa. I have also set the porosity (0.52).

Does anyone know how I should set the permeability for the porous wall?

Kindest regards

Amir February 21, 2011 13:32

if you want to set permeability or inertial resistance factors you shouldn't use power law formulation.
note that permeability(m2) is the inverse of viscous resistance(1/m2) in the porous tab.

M_Flodin February 22, 2011 03:31

Thank you very much for your reply Amir, unfortunately I'm do not fully understand how I should proceed. The permeability is the one factor I have a value of and wants to use for my system, how should I do this?

Amir February 22, 2011 09:16

Hi Mikaela,
if you inverse permeability value, you'll obtain viscous resistance factor(1/alpha). set that in porous media zone.
if you want to use this procedure (setting permeability directly) do not activate alternative formulation.


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