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chemicalengineer March 1, 2011 16:53

Fluent Zone Deactivation

I am currently running a packed-bed model approximately 26 centimeters in length. I need to reduce the packing length to roughly 16 centimeters in length. I have 350 meshed spheres in the current bed, and my thought process is that I can somehow delete or disable the top few layers of spheres until I have reduced the packing length to 16 centimeters.

I read through the Fluent user guide and I found an option called "Zone Deactivation" (or deletion) which allows for certain zones to be "turned on or turned off".

My question is, would this option be correct for what I am attempting to do? The way I understand it is once I "deactivate" certain zones they no longer appear to Fluent when it is solving, thus "reducing" the length of the packed bed.

Additionally, if this does work, the zone list shows 350 "part xyz" particles. Is there some way to determine which particle zones correspond to where on the model? Does Fluent number them numerically from top to bottom?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Thank you

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