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David Christopher March 1, 2011 23:01

Fluent Parallel Memory Usage
I am running Fluent 6.3 on a parallel cluster running Redhat Linux with 8G memory.

I want to know how much memory a problem is using.

The Linux commands top, sar -r, and vmstat all tell me that almost all 8G of the memory is being used and I suspect that Fluent is also swapping to the hard disk. How can I tell the total amount of memory needed to run all of the problem in memory? (I want to buy more memory)

ANDENG March 3, 2011 03:20

Hi David, normally 1 million cells need 1 GB RAM. For example, we've run a problem with 9 million cells and required all 8GB RAM plus 800 Mb swap.
By the way, can you please explain how can we set up the host names of the computers in our network when we want to run a parallel job in Fluent?

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