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restart March 5, 2011 10:55

HELP! grid check failed in parallel fluent
hi guys:
I'm running a parallel fluent to simulate a plasma torch. when i check the grid, check grid failed
the fluent shows that:

Domain Extents:
x-coordinate: min (m) = 0.000000e+000, max (m) = 3.500000e+001
y-coordinate: min (m) = 0.000000e+000, max (m) = 1.000000e+001
Volume statistics:
minimum volume (m3): 1.000000e-002
maximum volume (m3): 1.000000e-002
total volume (m3): 2.250000e+002
Face area statistics:
minimum face area (m2): 1.000000e-001
maximum face area (m2): 1.000000e-001
Checking number of nodes per cell.
Checking number of faces per cell.
Checking thread pointers.
Checking number of cells per face.
Checking face cells.
Checking bridge faces.
Checking right-handed cells.
Checking face handedness.
Checking face node order.
Checking element type consistency.
Checking boundary types:
Checking face pairs.
Checking periodic boundaries.
Checking node count.
Checking nosolve cell count.
Checking nosolve face count.
Checking face children.
Checking cell children.
Checking parent-child pointers (cell).
Checking parent-child pointers (face).
Checking thread consistency across compute nodes.
Checking thread layer counts.
Checking neighbor counts.
Checking exterior faces.
Checking exterior shadow faces.
Checking interface faces.
Checking interface nodes.
Checking face ids.
Checking node ids.
Checking corner nodes.
Checking interior cell pointers.
Checking exterior cell pointers.
Checking face count.
Checking node count.
Checking storage.

WARNING: Grid check failed.

0: inconsistent number of storage objects (117 vs. 124)

actually a few days ago,I checked the same grid , it is fine. but now, any grid has the same error.

can someone tell me how can i fix this problem?
BTW: my O.S is windows 7 X64 fluent 6.3.26 8G RAM

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