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truffaldino March 5, 2011 21:49

Two equation turbulence models solver settings

I will be grateful for your help. I am trying to make to converge solution for a low Re flow past to 2D airfoil with Realizable KE (wall enchanced treatment) and KW/KW SST transitional models as well.

There is no problem with convergence for one equation SA model and results are more or less satisfactory, but once I switch to 2 equation models I am going in a trouble.

I have checked y+, it is within the limits .1 to 1.

So, there could be two reasons for failure

1) These models are not suitable for analysing airfoils at Re about 10^5

2) My solver setting are wrong

Could the second be the case?

I will be grateful if you could help me:

Here I list the solver settings

__________________________________________________ _______


Pressure Based Implicit Formulation

Absolute velocity formulation

Green-Gauss Cell Based Gradient option


Pressure_Velocity coupling SIMPLE


Pressure PRESTO!


Turbulent kinetik energy SECOND ORDER UPWIND

Specific dissipation rate SECOND ORDER UPWIND

Underrelaxation factors:

pressure .3

density 1

body force 1

momentum .7

I will be grateful for your help


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