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chhanwal March 10, 2011 04:58

Rotation of Can

i am using Ansys12-fluent

i am working on rotation of cylindrical can.

when i give rotation with moving mesh in cell zone condition and set rpm and same follow in boundary condition, then whole can moves in a long circular path instead of rotating at its own axis.

x=1 y=0 z=0 and x=0 y=0 z=1, where z is height.

when i will put x=0 y=0 z=0 and x=0 y=0 z=1 can will rotate on its own axis but at the center of can velocity remains 0.

what should i give so i will get axial rotation of can and at center fluid have some velocity.

If i give only wall motion and not cell zone motion, is it correct?

what is difference between moving mesh and moving reference frame?

though in fluent tutorial guide they advised to use moving reference frame for rotation but in animation u will get actual can rotation with moving mesh instead of moving reference frame.

xrs333 March 12, 2011 08:17

pls describe your physical problem, then we can give advice and explaination.

chhanwal March 13, 2011 23:30

milk can rotation where can will rotate along the axis thus inside milk also rotate.
milk is fluid and defined as volume i.e cell zone...can wall rotation has to be defined in wall boundary conditions.
For mesh in motion two options are there moving reference frame and moving which option is proper for rotation.
rotation direction is should be X axis=1 or 0 so that can should rotate on its axis.

yagizb March 19, 2011 03:23


using moving mesh option, you allow your mesh to rotate really,
but with using moving reference frame, fluent just adds a source to term to the equations.

moving reference frame makes the problem easy,
just look this web page.

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