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Kwiaci March 12, 2011 18:05

Writing results to a .txt or .dat file
Does anyone know how to write results from a specific location to a .txt or .dat file?
For example how to write a static temperature (or another property) from pressure outlet (or wall) in function of time - in unsteady simulation. It should report results after each time step. Is there any easy way to do this? Maybe it easer to report a value from an exact cell?

neo_mor March 13, 2011 07:18

Dear Robert
You should go to file>export.
in the first left column u find different file type.
and in the second column you can select places (surfaces) that you want to report the data.

Sushilkumar March 14, 2011 01:15

you can set up a surface monitor. with checking print, plot and write you can get the required values in printed in the simulation data panal also you can monitor the values in GUI and you will get a text file in the simulation folder of your case.

Kwiaci March 14, 2011 13:53

Thanks "monitor->surface" method works very well. There is only a problem when I want to get data from a defined point but from surface it works well.

Momomanabo March 14, 2011 14:28

When you work in unsteady state and when you combine that with working with monitor surfaces, make sure you specify your contours before the simulation. When you don't do that upfront, your simulation will end up with default settings for those monitor surfaces...

Kwiaci March 19, 2011 08:24

I still run up against some problems to report a static temperature from a specific cell. Does anyone know how to define a cell exactly and write results to a file?

Atze March 20, 2011 18:52

Hi Kwiaci,

if you want you can define a point in your domain (surface ---> point menu), then from the "monitor surface" panel you can plot temperature in that point and save it in a txt file.
I'm using fluent 13 but i think it should work on previous versions

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