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CFD XUE March 21, 2011 10:44

Standard procedure to check grid quality in Gridgen software
How I can check grid quality in Gridgen software?
In some cases, when I import grid in Fluent I get the following warning:

The mesh contains very high aspect ratio hexahedral or polyhedral cells. The default algorithm used to compute the wall distance required by the turbulence models might produce wrong results in these cells. Please inspect the wall distance by displaying the contours of the 'Cell Wall Distance' at the boundaries. If you observe any irregularities we recommend the use of an alternative algorithm to correct the wall distance. Please select /solve/initialize/repair-wall-distance using the text user interface to switch to the alternative algorithm.

In some cases I get above warning and in some case there is no warning.

How I can make sure in Gridgen software that grid quality is good enough so that there would not be any warning in Fluent?

rmatus March 21, 2011 14:56

Examine Boundary Spacing in Gridgen
Gridgen has a variety of quality measures available, including Fluent's equivolume and equiangle skewness.

In this case, since you want to check the spacing at the boundaries, go to the ASW menu and choose Examine. Select the boundaries for which you want to measure the spacing, then Done. Select Bndry Spacing for the Examine Function, and you will see countours of boundary spacing.

Hope this helps,

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