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tagada March 24, 2011 05:30

simulation of the flow in a effervescent wine glass
I am trying to model the flow inside a glass of effervescent wine, the bubbles are growing when they reach the free surface, so there is a velocity gradient. I use a discrete phase model with a eulerian multiphase model. The first phase is the wine(water liquid); the second one(discrete phase, CO2 particles), the bubbles.
The particles are injected at the bottom of the glass: Injection type: single,
The particle velocity is Constant: 0.002 m/s, the particle diameter is constant: 0.0001 m
The boundary condition at the free surface are: wall, with escape condition for DPM particles
The discrete phase allows simulating the burst of wine bubbles at the free surface but donít allow the particles growth, so the velocity is constant.
Iíd want to impose a velocity gradient for the particles or a growth rate and the particles have to disappear when they reached the free surface.
Should I use another model or an UDF function?
Thanks for your help.

Fabien :rolleyes:

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