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JSoares March 30, 2011 16:12

Cylinder Radiation with turbulence unsteady transient formulation
Hello everyone

I have a doubt and i hope someone can help me. Ive simulated a turbulent transient flow through a cylinder for Re=10000 using fluent 12.1.
My transient data:
Time step=1/1000*DT=0.000797675
Time steps =30000

My objective is a uv simulation and for that i choose do radiation model, and i manage to introduce radiation parameters on cylinder as uv lamp, but im with some doubts:
1. Since the flow simulation is currently done, i uncheck the flow, turbulence and energy equations and only let discrete ordinates equation. Is this correct?
2. Should I change inlet, fluid and cylinder temperature?
3. Since im trying to see the influence of radiation on a turbulent flow I should run calculation from previous solution or can i reinitialize solution initialization?
4. Im with doubts regarding timestep length, number and even iterations. There is any law, or even a tutorial?
5. Ive read fluent radiation schemes, but I can find any tutorial or manual of radiation simulation regard transient flow. If anyone know any please tell me.

Thank you.

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