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microfin April 3, 2011 21:15

mesh size in Eulerian multiphase flow - liquid/solid mixture

I am considering a solid-liquid mixture multiphase flow in pipe flow.
If a solid particle diameter is 10 micron, does the mesh size should be smaller than the particle dimater in the Eulerian multiphase flow model?

Thank you in advance!

coglione April 4, 2011 08:09

Definately not. The main intention of eulerian method is to avoid the exact spatial resolution of the secondary phase but to model the dynamics and phase-interaction using several complex correlations. However, your mesh should at least resolve all features of the primary phase flow dynamics.


microfin April 4, 2011 18:19

Thank you, coglione.
It helps me a lot.
Have a good one.

shaha.45 June 10, 2014 12:53

I am simulating multiphase flow over airfoil. For single phase flow simulation using trans SST model at Re=500000, I have to make the first node point distance from airfoil wall to be 10^-6 m. The results are within 5 % error. When I am simulating (using same mesh) multiphase flow with particles of dia. 10^-4 using mixture model with 1% volumetric concentration, the solution is diverging. Is it because my mesh size near the airfoil is smaller than the particle size?

jotac December 23, 2016 14:55

Hi Shaha,

have you found out more information about multi-phase fluid-solid models where regions of the domain with the mesh cell size being smaller then the particle size for correct resolving of the continuous phase equations?


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