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VSAndroid April 8, 2011 08:19

Fluent - Setting Reference Value + Symmetry
Hi Guys,

Quick Questions...

I am analysing a flow in a windtunnel - I don't know the Inlet Velocity but what I do know is a reference velocity at certain distance from the Inlet.

Now - Is it possible to set this reference value in Fluent? So when I come to look at the Mean Velocity Profile at this reference value - The Local velocity is around 10m/s

At the moment - I just set 10m/s at the Inlet and I get local velocity of 10.5m/s at my reference station. I need this to be 10m/s.

I could just play with the Inlet velocities say change it to 9.5m/s or something but there has to be a easier way...

Secondly, I am trying to use symmetry. I am just modelling Wind Tunnel and top and bottom effects at the wall will be the same so I tried to use symmetry condition on my mesh but I am not getting it right...

Your help is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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