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Abe21599 April 8, 2011 10:54

Fluent BC's with a 2-Phase air/water system

Just starting out using fluent to do CFD. I've come to understand the basics of workbench & fluent, but hardly anywhere close to what I need to be able to do for a project.

Project Outline:

Design a venturi tube oriented vertically, 0.5m in length, with an air pump inserted (specs given) to accelerate stagnant water at the bottom of the tube out of the top. This will be implemented on a RIB (rigid inflatable boat) to remove water out of the hull of the boat.

I have the geometry/meshing done with the surfaces defined, but FLUENT is giving me some troubles. I've have the following:

-pressure based solver; steady
-viscous>laminar -- ive seen tutorials use k-epsilon but dont know how to define the variables it asks for
-energy is off
multiphase>mixture --seems from the tut's its the easiest to work with for what im trying to do.

ive defined my materials and the phases, but not sure about how to define phases>interaction.

BUT, the most trouble im having is setting up the proper boundary conditions. I have, water-input and air-input both as velocity inputs (?) and the outlet defined as outflow. not sure if im going about these properly..

any input on where to go from here??? any tutorials that would help me understand further some of the things im still unsure about would be awesome


Abe21599 April 11, 2011 02:36

i didnt think it was that hard of a question. a little guidance would be greatly appreciated...

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