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wlt_1985 April 11, 2011 01:41

reaction in particular cells
Dear all,

In whole volume domain, there are many cells. My model consists of many species and multiple reactions. In certain cells (but not all), particular reaction only occurred when particular species in contact, if there is no particular species in contact then there is no particular reaction. For example, my model consists of species A, B, C and D. When species A and B in contact in certain cells (but not all), then reaction 1 occurred in those particular cells. Similarly, when lack of species A but species B existing in those particular cells, then no reaction 1. I am using DEFINE_SOURCE(name, c, t, dS, eqn) to define my rate equation. My question is: when I am using DEFINE_SOURCE, rate equation of reaction 1 will only be calculated for those cells with existing species A and B? Means that when having postprocessing after iterations, only cells with existing species A and B having reaction 1 and products of reaction 1 will be shown in those cells. Does it work for DEFINE_SOURCE in this case? Please help.

Thanks a lot

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