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nomad April 11, 2011 14:48

NASA High Lift Prediction Workshop
ANSYS had one of the best predictions of Cl max for the new Trapezoidal Wing using the SST + Menter's Gamma-Theta Transition Model at this workshop.

However, they made some modifications to their code which are the following (quoting from their presentation slide 8 and 9, Ref.

Non-standard solver settings:

-Added extra coefficient loops (2 to 3) to steady the solution
  • Feedback due to sharp transition location
  • Steady state uses pseudo-transient scheme instead of under relaxation - Ran transient with 1st order backward Euler scheme to allow additional coefficient loops
Does anybody know how either of these changes influences Cl max prediction, and if so, how does one go about making these changes to the solver settings, whether it be FLUENT, or STAR CCM+.


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