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helen.h April 15, 2011 15:57

copper electrorefining
I am trying to simulate a copper electrorefining with FLUENT12.
Copper electrorefining takes place in a rectangular geometry,
with two electrodes opposing each other,
and a source and sink of copper ions at the respective electrodes.
The resultant gradients in the copper concentration lead to
buoyancy forces, and natural convection develops.
The CFD model is two-dimensional.The ER model is a single phase model which
solves the Navier-Stokes equations, with an additional body force
term to account for the buoyancy forces. A transport equation is
solved for the concentration of the copper species (or other
metal), with a source/sink at the appropriate anode and cathode
boundary, based on Faraday’s Law.
The boundary conditions for the flux of copper at the anode and
cathode walls copper m(kg m-2 s-1) are based on Faraday’s Law.
On the anode side a positive flux is applied, whilst on the cathode a negative flux of same size is applied. At all walls, no slip boundary
conditions are applied, whilst at the top free surface a free slip
(no friction) boundary condition is applied.
my refrence is Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling of
Natural Convection in Copper Electrorefining
M.J Leahy and M.P. Schwarz
16th Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference
I simulate with FLUENT12 but this refrence simulate with CFX.
I don't know how to define mass flux of copper on the wall boundry.I
used {define-user scalers in FLUENT12}then the key UDS in wall boundry was on,i written the number mass flux of copper(from faraday's law)
in the user defined scaler boundry value,but answer was wrong.
now i think that i must use udf for the UDS but i couldn't write a correct udf.
Please help me evrybody working on this(or similar)topic,do i get an answer in FLUENT or i should use CFX to get answere?
how to get an answere in fluent and what about udf?

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