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aimee April 23, 2011 19:10

Help modeling heat sink

I am very new to CFD and for my first project I am trying to model a heat sink and am having some trouble. Here is what I have got so far...
I have a geometry of a heat sink extruded inside of a box.
I used a boolean operation subtract, with the Target Body as the box and the Tool Body as the heat sink, I chose to perserve the Tool Body.
I then joined the 2 bodies into 1 part.

The mesh of the heat sink and the fluid appears to be connected sufficiently. I named the front of the box velocity_inlet, the back as pressure_outlet, and the bottom of the heat sink as a hot_surface.

Problem Setup:
Under Boundary Conditions it lists all these zones....some of which i dont understand... hot_surface, interior-part-fluid, interior-part-solid, pressure_outlet, velocity_inlet, wall-part-fluid, wall-part-fluid-part-solid, wall-part-fluid-part-solid-shadow

My thoughts were that I could just enter a temperature for the hot_surface which would simulate conduction, and a velocity at the inlet to simulate the convection that the heat sink is experiencing. In the end, I want to be able to see the temperature distribution throughout the heat sink.

This isn't working.... when I run a calculation and plot the temp contours, the hot surface is bright red, but the rest of the heat sink is solid blue (at ambient temperature) Can anyone give me any advice or links that may help? Have I approached this problem all wrong? :confused:


skullCFD June 3, 2011 14:17

looks like you did not connect the faces between the heat sink and the fluid domains in Gambit or whatever preprocessor.

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