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chay89 April 27, 2011 17:39

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I am very new to fluent but i am using it for my 4th year Meng Thesis! I have very little help from my supervisor, who has never used this program! And i cant find anyone at the Uni to help me.

My basic simulation is a 2D arrangement of 4 buildings one after eachother on the x axis.

I am looking to calculate the forces on the building walls. How would i go about this? I have found a way of writing values to a txt file of absolute pressure against distance (up the wall)
I have also been told to calculate the shear stress on the roof of the building but i have no idea how to do this.

Also if anyone has any other interesting features that fluent can produce for me that would be of interest in my project it would be greatly appreciated.

Thankyou very much

chay89 April 27, 2011 19:22

Any help whatsoever would be useful

compeng April 27, 2011 21:40

Make a rectangel and then subtract these building shapes. Then mesh it and define the Boundary conditions. then you can solve it in fluent. I suggest you to read the following procedure and try to do the same in your case. I hope I could help.

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