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s.mishra May 1, 2011 09:45

Abaqus - Fluent Coupling WITHOUT MPCCI
I want to apply boundary conditions on faces or nodes on Abaqus model from Fluent, WITHOUT using MPCCI.

In Abaqus .inp file, I currently have solid elements (I can add surface/shell elements from Hypermesh if required).

In fluent, there is an option of FSI Surface mapping in File menu. This requires an Abaqus .inp file to be read and then the loads (Temperature or HTC) from Fluent wall zones can be written in another .inp file as an output.

But, when I read the Abaqus inp file which I have, Fluent gives the error that no surface mesh was found (obviously, bcz the inp file has only solid elements)

I later found that Fluent FSI mapping panel required a complete surface mesh file. So I generated a surface mesh from Hypermesh which shares one layer of node of the solid mesh. I then deleted all solid mesh, exported a new inp file (so that the node ids of the surface mesh matches with those from the original solid mesh) and read it in Fluent FSI mapping panel.

I could export a new inp file from Fluent. But when I import it in Abaqus alongwith its original solid mesh model, Abaqus gives the error saying the node ids from Fluent file were not found and the node were places at the origin.

What wrong am I doing? How to use the inp file generated from Fluent in Abaqus? Also Fluent maps the data on which of the surface mesh nodes? Does it maps the data from neares available CFD boundary zone node?

Thanks for reply,

radix April 5, 2016 06:47

Have you got your solution for this matter?

Thank you.

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