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pirami May 2, 2011 00:58

[help Beginner]calculation error
the followings are the error messages I got

global courant number is greater than 250.00
the velocity field is probably diverging.
Please check the solution and reduce the time-step if necessary.

i'm trying to solve two-phase flow inside a cylinderical tank which has
water jet inlet.

i've tried several models but i got the same message.
FLUENT cannot calculate even one iteration.

help me.

xaero May 3, 2011 09:56


you need to provide more details of your case,
steady/transient? vof? explicit? what time step?


ximik May 4, 2011 16:41

I know this is obvious, but did you try reducing the time step? it will converge slower but it should be more stable.

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