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santhosh1987 May 12, 2011 04:26

Multiphase flow in atomiser
Hello everyone,

I am trying to model the multiphase simulation inside the industrial atomiser and also to measure the resulting droplet size coming out of the atomiser.

The atomiser has different inlet ports for liquid fuel and air. I am new to this type of simulation and finding it difficult to find the correct model to use to simulate this flow condition.

The multiphase model can be used to model flow inside the atomiser but it will not account for the droplet collision or break-up models. Hence i cannont measure droplet size using this model.

On the other hand, the DPM model requires the discret phase to be specified as an injection, which is not my case.

Also in my case, the liquid fuel flow rate is the primary flow and the air is only 10% of the liquid flow rate. It is a typical twin-fluid industrial atomiser.

I will be very helpful if someone can please assist me in how to go about this simulation and measure the droplet size coming from this twin-fluid atomiser.


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