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ReeKo May 19, 2011 16:01

Face area magnitude inconsistency when exporting
Howdy everybody,

i'm facing a truly embarassing problem when exporting solution data from fluent. I need face area magnitude of every face on an existing mesh boundary.
Having properly read the values in matlab, their sum do not coincide with the whole area value of the same mesh boundary (using report>area function in fluent). Moreover, when I'm summing up the same faces in fluent (report>sum>mesh>face area magnitude) i get the correct value that coincide with report>area!

So, where's the inconsistency? Am I missing something? Could you suggest me another way to obtain the face area magnitude values I need?
As you could easily guess, i need this to prepare some custom post-processing analysis involving area weighted averages. Being this vital for my work, I thank in advance everyone who helps me.



Sherlock_1812 November 17, 2014 06:32

Inconsistency in face area report cell-by-cell
I'm reviving a really old thread because I am facing the same problem now. How to solve the issue addressed in the above question?

macfly November 17, 2014 20:01


It is not clear to me which data is exported to Matlab. But if you are running Fluent in parallel mode, maybe it has to do with the mesh partioning, you may find answers in this section and around:

Sherlock_1812 November 18, 2014 01:36

No this is a serial run with an axisymmetric mesh. While reporting the surface integral along a surface, fluent gives me the right value. When I try to sum up the face area magnitude of each cell on that surface, there is this inconsistency.

I understand, after some reading, that the latter is done through the face area vector projected in the normal direction. Could that be the cause of this?

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