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kmgraju May 20, 2011 02:19

Blood flow analysis
Dear friends
I am doing blood flow analysis in artery in CFX. I modelled a simple cylinder as a flow. I apply the properties of the blood and set the reference pressure 1 atm.

I am doing steady flow analysis first.Flow is positive Z direction . The Boundary conditions are

Boundary type : opening
Location :inlet
Under Mass and momentum> Cartesian velocity has been selected.

In the field W , The input velocity is U= Umax*(1-r^2/R^2)

Opening type
location : outlet
opening pressure and direction: ? ( what shall I put _ Help me here){ I put 0Pa}

Global Initialization :I put "U' In the velocity field W

Static pressure : ? ( help me ){ I put 0 Pa}

When I saw in medical article, the systole and diastole pressure has been mentioned in terms of mm Hg ( example 70mm Hg or 110 mm Hg -approx: 9210 Pa or 14473 Pa) .where can I see this pressure in the simulation. How can I set up the BC and parameters in such analysis.

Note: I did simple analysis But I could not find the huge value of pressure. I found approx 150 Pa - 200 Pa


Please Help me

Thank you



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