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ayannath23 May 24, 2011 10:13

Span-wise summation of Fluent 3D data
I am using Ansys-Fluent for simulating combustion case in a backward facing step geometry.
I need spanwise(along z) summed up value of heat of reaction in order to compare with experimental results.
From fluent we can directly get the heat of reaction values at each of the cells. but I need to do the spanwise(along z) summation of the 3D data.

Can anybody share some means of doing that?


sahm May 26, 2011 16:15

Report/Result Reports/
Then you have surface integrals or volume integrals.
Do you know how fluent calculates, heat of reaction? I cannot find it in manual.

ayannath23 May 26, 2011 16:36

Thanks for your reply.. But Report/Result Reports/ does'nt gives spanwise summation It can give heat of reaction values at one or multiple plane (or line etc)..

But i have got a solution for my problem. I have created multiple planes in spanwise direction & have exported the heat of reaction data on those planes to Tecplot. In Tecplot I'am able to do the summation of the datas..

Regarding heat of reaction calculations in fluent, I have used the Fluent Manual only as of now. So don't know the calculations in details yet.


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