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parisa- May 28, 2011 08:24

DPM particle tracking in stirred tank
Hi everyone,

I need to know how to use DPM in FLUENT to find the exposure time of fluid elements on the liquid surface of a VOF modeling in a stirred tank reactor. I have transient simulations so I need to use the unsteady particle tracking just to see how the fluid elements are moving in the tank and find the surface exposure time. So I set a few massless injections like injections from a surface that I have defined. I also set the particle history data in the calculation activities panel to generate a file every time step. However, I don't know how to open the generated file which is .fvp or .mpg or .mcl. And in the particle track panel it is not possible to track any particle when the unsteady particle tracking option is on.
I should also mention that it is a sliding mesh and the turbulence model is LES.
I have read the discrete phase modeling part in the user's guide but it still is not enough help. Can anyone help me if you have enough info about using DPM or if there is a tutorial I can read about this?


barzin August 7, 2012 12:03

Hi Parisa

Hope you are well. I just wanted to know if you figured a way to view the mentioned files format (e.g. *.fvp) I am facing the same problem!!! please let me know.


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