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zerar zahir May 29, 2011 13:02

simulation software Fluent.
was writing a thesis on theme: numerical modeling of the evaporation of a sessile drop (heat transfer and mass transfer during evaporation) gout and 2 mm radius and 78 angle of contact lands on a plate 1 mm episeur heated to 100 C , (geomitrie on the software and Gambit 2.3.16 Fluent 6.3.26 simulation). Heat transfer in the drop in ambient air and carried by conduction mode.Saturated vapor phase change resulting al'interface liquid-vapor is transported by diffusion in air temperature = 25 C and humidity 40 far from the drop.
Flows in the liquid phase or gaseous phase are not considered in the mathematical model proposed.

The assumptions are:
- Newtonian fluids (air, water)
- Gout is axisymmetric (about Oz)
- The drop is in equilibrium
- Or can define a contact angle θ at the triple line
- The gravity is along the axis Oz
- Transfers of heat and mass unsteady
- Heat transfer by radiation neglected
- No movement in the air
mathematical formulation for use in the energy equation in cylindrical coordinates and the diffusion equation.

my problem on the mathematical formulation and simulation software Fluent.

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