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sham83 June 1, 2011 00:38

FLUENT in Windows Serial and Linux Parallel

I am simulating oscillating cylinder using dynamic mesh i.e. remeshing and smoothing.

I model my case in Windows (serial) then run my case in Linux (parallel). I have to recompile my UDf in Linux and run it there. No issue with that.

However, when I run my simulation the results are very inconsistent (fluctuating unsteadily even after few thousand iterations). I run the same model in Windows serial and it was fine.

What are the considerations that I need to know when running dynamic mesh and compiling UDf in Parallel sover? I have written my UDF to suit parallel solver as below.

#include "udf.h"
#define AA 0.03
#define TT 4.1667
#define OM (2.0*M_PI/TT)
#if !RP_HOST
vel[1] = AA*OM*cos(OM*time);

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