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Mitpostdoc June 1, 2011 15:20

Always crashing when appending zones
Hello there,
I am trying to run a simulation using non conformal zone interfaces. However, Fluent crashes every time :( !!!

I open the first mesh and I save the case file. I use Mesh>Zone>Append Case file and I append the second Mesh. Now, if I try to do the same (Mesh>Zone>AppendCasefile) in order to append the 3rd mesh, Fluent crashes :confused:.

I have to save the case, close fluent, open it again and load the case file.When I do Mesh>Zone>Append Case file everything is fine and Fluent seems to accept the 3rd mesh.

To sum up:
I am trying to join 3 meshes using non conformal interfaces (similar to the example you can find in Fluent tutorial). I can only append 1 Mesh to a pre-loaded case file. Appending more than one mesh causes fluent to crash immediately. All the mesh seems fine and I believe I am not doing anything wrong. The only solution so far is to save the case file with the 2 appended mesh and append the 3rd mesh after re-starting Fluent.

Am I missing something?

thank you

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