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hectordiaz June 6, 2011 05:38

I can not achieve ignition in combustion chamber.

I am working on modeling a 2D combustion chamber which receives 5 inlets with 10 species. Among them the fuel is CH4. My problem now is that I can not start an ignition. I could summarize my problem as follows:

  • Combustion chamber: 5 inlets of species (bottom), 5 inlets for pure air (sides), 1 outlet.
  • Model: Species transport. 10 Species defined. Volumetric reactions and Eddy Dissipation Concept.
  • Boundary conditions: I have defined the 5 inlets with the 10 species in the quantities required by the problem (those quantities are already given from another mathematical model) and the air inlets and the outflow.
Basically those are the most important parts. I have attached the case file if you want to check.

I tried using the 'patch' with a temperature of 2000K after a few iterations, but it does not work (but I am pretty sure that it worked for me a week ago, so I do not know what to think now). Now is definitely not working.

I am using a steady simulation. The mesh is pretty coarse now but it works the same way with the good one. I just want to achieve a good modeling before starting with a fine mesh.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,



PS: Attached .cas file.

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