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aamer April 18, 2011 09:17

Force vectors for drag during sweeping motion
Hello All.....

i have a queire regarding the force vectors for drag calculation....

Initially, The chord of wing is in X direction and the span is in Z direction. So for drag calculation, in SOLVE>> mONITOR>> Force>> Drag, i have given X=1, Y=0, Z=0.

NOW the wing initially starts from rest, it rotates about Y axis and achieves constant angular velocity after some time. .Now as the wing rotates, the drag components of X=1, Y=0 and Z=0 will not give correct drag anymore. For instance After wing rotation of 90 degree, The chord will be along Z axis (i.e no more along X axis) and span along X -axis .
How is it possible to ensure that fluent keep calculating drag force, and changes force vectors of drag itself in order to calculate correct drag force through out the rotation.

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