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Rangarajan June 8, 2011 13:41

Reaction in Fluent

This is Ranga from University of Florida.

Got a quick question in solving reaction in Fluent.

I am trying to solve a gas-solid reaction. The solid is on the wall and the gas reacts with the wall forming the product on the wall.

How do I define that solid exists on the wall already. The wall is moving at a constant velocity. I have the rate data for the reaction in terms of activation energy and pre-exponential factor.

Please let me know how should I define the wall is a reactant.

The reaction is
A(s) (on the wall) + B(gas)= C (product) ( on the wall)

Thanks much


meangreen June 8, 2011 13:46

ha ha ha. Hey Ranga... its casey. This is a great place for solutions. I think there may be a link somewhere to UDF specific information.


PS. I forgot to ask. Do you have the UDF manual. You can download it from here:

The examples are good. I can help with the solver part... but not the reaction part. Sorry!

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