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pranab_jha June 10, 2011 00:43

Saving velocity field and reading it back for another case
I want to capture the velocity field in single phase flow for a domain and then use it for initializing my multiphase flow in the same domain. How can this be achieved? Is there a way to capture the vectors (or velocity data in any form) and write some type of data file that can be read back when I start my multiphase solver?

I found this thread, but no-one seemed to have an answer then? Can anyone help me now?


pranab_jha June 13, 2011 09:42

This question was asked by another gentleman a few years back too, but seems no-one had an answer. Well, I asked one of my colleagues in the lab here, and he had a very good suggestion to make.

To get the velocity/pressure data at every node from a steady state or a single phase case, write it as an "Interpolation file" with the extension [.ip] once you have your solution. Then you can read this .ip file back into your two-phase flow field after you initialize your flow field, so that now you have initialized the domain with a velocity field from the steady state itself. This will give better and quicker convergence in unsteady case.

Hope this is of help to someone.

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