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kbaker June 10, 2011 07:52

Question about velocity vectors
Hi to all I need to plot velocity vectors as curves instead of vectors using the option display>vectors is this can be done?

skullCFD June 10, 2011 13:34

Why not use streamlines if you want curves?

kbaker June 11, 2011 02:55

I use velocity vectors because I want to see the velocity profiles in every section of the pipe as curves I think streamlines cannot show the velocity profiles?

skullCFD June 14, 2011 17:36

Velocity vectors are tangential to the streamline curves. So streamlines show the direction in which the fluid is moving. If you like to have vectors, you can increase their number (depending on your memory) and decrease their size proportionately to capture the flow profile in the curved sections of the pipe. This is how people make recirculation etc. display.

kbaker June 15, 2011 04:43

OK how I can use streamline option? I cannot find similar option for it? Is it available in display menu?

skullCFD June 15, 2011 16:47

I remember Display->Contours->Velocity->Stream Function. I am unable to verify it now as my simulation is running and it takes almost 15 minutes to stop and restart it again. Sorry about that. Also, streamlines might work only for 2D simulations in Fluent. If yours is 3D, may be path line is a better option (

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