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atothep June 10, 2011 08:10

CFD non newtonian/multiphase fluid
Hi, I am new to CFD online as well as CFD in general. I am currently doing my masters project which involves me trying to make some design improvements to a clayworking machine by doing CFD analysis on the geometry etc. The university currently uses Fluent 6 and Gambit 9 (i think); though they are making the ove to ansys 13 over the summer so i hopefully will be using the ansys package to do my analysis. I would like some pointers on how to use the older package over the next week so that I can hit the ground running when i start using Ansys 13. I have done some basic tutorials using Fluent and Gambit as in laminar flows etc but am in desperate need of some guidance so that i can become literate with the software.



atothep June 10, 2011 10:26

to make this a little clearer. I will be modelling an achemedese screw used in a clay extruder using ansys 13. need advice on the material properties and construction of the mesh for this problem. ALso need advice on debugging; once i get to that stage.


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