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hamideh June 13, 2011 10:44

Modeling two liquid flow mixture
Dear All,

I am a student in micro-technology and I need to fabricate a cell culture chamber. Now I need to wash the content of a chamber (cell culture medium) out with another liquid flow through the chamber and I need to know what the flow rate of the second liquid is not to mix the liquids considerably. Unfortunately I am not an expert in CFD. I really appreciate if someone could give me the big picture of modeling steps of such a system. I have made my geometry and mesh which is a simple cylinder with one inlet and one outlet. I have also simulated the laminar flow through the system. Now I need to know how I can define that there is the initial fluid in the chamber and that the second liquid should enter the system to push the first one out. I can imagine that I need to use transient solution but I don't know how to give the scenario to Fluent! :(

Thank you so much,

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