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aggie June 21, 2011 22:27

Streamlines impinging on wall
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Dear all,

Please take a look at the attached picture. You will see that the streamtraces (generated by TecPlot) are impinging on the wall and they disappear which is not physical. After they impinge on the wall, they should move to another direction, not disappear. It is like they pass through the wall. What do u think about that? do u think it is a computational error and should I try to change my solution? or it has a meaning that I do not know?


asuol August 11, 2011 06:16

impinging streamlines on CFD-Post
hello there!

i'm facing the same issues on CFD-Post. I recently upgraded to ANSYS 13.0 and I start to have discontinuous streamlines that stops on the solid faces. Whatīs the problem? If I open a run done on ANSYS 12.1 itīs ok.


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