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TedBrogan June 22, 2011 16:21

Passing UDMI Data to Other Nodes, help!
I am writing a UDF where I change values of user-defined memory at the end of a time step in a parallel configuration. I want the updated C_UDMI data along the partitions to be available to the neighboring processors.

As far as I can tell, the other processors only have access to data as it was at the end of the time step. The other processors aren't aware of any manipulations I make until the following iteration. I think I need to use MPI routines here, but I'm not sure how to pass cell data this way. I know how to pass real or integer variables.

Even if I pass the integer value of C_UDMI via MPI, I still don't know how to pass the cell address info and receive it, if that's even feasible. Moreover, it could become cumbersome to pass data from individual cells this way so a one command refresh with the updated values would be best.

Can anyone help?? Thanks!


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