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wisemo June 26, 2011 14:15


I have a surface that is rectangular and has holes in it, and has flow along its length. I want to plot the mean static pressure along it. Is that possible?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.


wisemo June 27, 2011 20:22

Please help...I'm desperate :(

tobino June 27, 2011 20:38

Is your problem in 2D or 3D. If it is in 3D you need creating some plane at Surface/plane in Fluent then you can report it OK belong to you.

wisemo June 27, 2011 21:03

Tobino, my problem is a 3D problem. It is essentially flow through a rectangular x-sectional duct. 1 of the surfaces has bleed holes.

I want to plot the static pressure along the duct, along the surface that has the bleed holes. That is already defined as a surface, as it's defined as a wall BC.

tobino June 29, 2011 00:11

so, if you have got a surface you can be choice it at Report box and reporting belong your selection in box. I do not understand clearly your problem. please try again, good luck!

wisemo June 29, 2011 00:28

i've drawn a simple image to explain what i need. hopefully it'll be clear now. i just want to plot the average temperature along the surface i've drawn.

tobino June 29, 2011 01:00

Plot/XYplot/select your surface and chosen static pressure.

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