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nikhil July 2, 2011 14:27

Transient Mass flow inlet boundary condition

I am modelling a 2D channel flow case with transient "mass flow inlet boundary condition". I have written a profile file in the format that is suggested by Fluent.
Here is the short version of profile file

((mass-flow-inlet-transient 3 0 )

After reading this profile file, i am getting a warning message that says
"Warning: no x, y or z points specified in profile mass-flow-inlet-transient."

Can someone please tell me how to specify x, y, z points in profile file?

This format works perfectly for "Axisymmetric case". However for 2D case, it gives me the above warning message and Fluent does not changes the magnitude of mass flow rate as the time changes.

asal April 16, 2014 09:58


Change to
mass-flow-inlet transient 3 0

and it works!

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