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FuzzyDice July 5, 2011 14:00

fluent doesnt read 1D coating mesh - advice needed
First of all i want to say hello to everyone here, this is my first post on the forum.

I have a little problem with fluent.
I made a simple 2d mesh i catia and im exporting it as bulk data file and importing it in fluent as nastran bulk file. Everything is working fine, fluent reads the mesh and i can solve it.

but i did a 1D coating mesh in catia to one line of my geometry so i can set it up as a axis in fluent (because when i separate my mesh with angle option, fluent seperates the whole line into a zone and i just need to set up one part of that zone as axis and other as wall, and when i separate it with "faces" options i get abou 500 zones!).

when i import it in fluent the 1D coating mesh doesnt seem to be there.
any ideas?

FuzzyDice July 6, 2011 09:58

i found the solution. thanks anyway

federica September 26, 2011 06:17

Hi FuzzyDice,
I have your same problem but I have not found any solutions.
Could you help me please?
thanks you very much

FuzzyDice September 26, 2011 12:20

well i just changed the geometry. i did a mirror over the axis that supposed to be boundary condition as axis so there was no need for that axis any more. all i was left was boundary conditions wall, inlet and outlet velocity

federica September 26, 2011 15:25

thank you very much for your reply!

FuzzyDice September 28, 2011 16:34

i know its not really helpful because my domain was really small (it was a college assignment) so when i doubled it computation time was few seconds longer. but i was approaching the deadline so i had to improvise

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