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diamondx July 5, 2011 16:22

Region Adaptation using command line
I've been doing some iterations on a cluster using a journal file. After getting my solution i decided to do some mesh refinement using region adaptation. I can do that using the GUI interface and using sphere shape , what if i want to convert that in a journal file so the cluster can read it and execute it :confused:. Note that the cluster can't use GUI interface i only use journale like:

Thanks in advance.

KristianEtienne July 6, 2011 04:14


First, you want to define a region (a register) in which you want to alter your mesh. Assuming you want to alter the mesh in a rectangular region, the appropriate TUI command is:

Fluent will then ask you the following questions:
"Mark cells inside hexahedron?" Answer yes or no whether you want the region inside or outside your specified rectangle
"Define hexahedron with mous clicks?" Answer no
"Enter minimum x of range (m)" Minimum x-value
"Enter maximum x of range (m)" Maximum x-value
"Enter minimum y of range (m)" Minimum y-value
"Enter maximum y of range (m)" Maximum y-value

Fluent will then print the number of cells which have been marked for refinement.

Now you need to tell fluent to adapt this register. This is done with the command:
Fluent will then ask the following:
"register ID/name" This is the name of the register you just created. If you only have one, it's name should be 0. In all cases, it is an integer greater or equal to 0.
"Minimum allowable vell volume (m3)" I typically use 0.
"Maximum allowable number of cells" I use 0 here also, this appears to give Fluent the freedom to choose what is appropriate.
"Ok to change mesh?" Here you should answer yes.

Fluent will now print what has changed due to adaptation.

Good luck!


diamondx July 6, 2011 11:40

dear Kristian Etienne,
it worked flawlessly, thanks you so much !!!


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