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prince_pahariaa July 7, 2011 06:22

UDF for heat generation
Hii all..

My problem has internal heat generation of around 15 KW. It is near the hemisphere present in my geometry. Problem is heat is not generated through out the hemisphere. It emerges through only part of it. While drawing in GAMBIT, the whole hemisphere is built once. So in fluent i am not getting any idea how to incorporate only half part of solid for heat generation. I guess through writing UDF it can be done. I am rather new to software and this is first problem which i am working in detail. Really need help on this one

Thanking u all..

prince_pahariaa July 8, 2011 05:47

divide the zone
I was trying to solve my problem by using UDF concept. But its not working. I guess i need to go back to GAMBIT and construct the hemisphere in two parts so that i can create two zones. Or if i can able to divide the hemisphere into two parts in fluent itself, my work will become lot easier. I dont know how to do divide in fluent or m not sure whether it can be done or not.

Hoping some help here..


KristianEtienne July 8, 2011 06:38


You can do the separation in fluent, no need to do the whole remeshing task or using a UDF.

First, you need to mark the region which contains one half of your hemisphere. Do this through the "Adapt -> Region" menu. Here you can give the coordinates of your region of interest. When you have given your coordinates, click on "Mark" to store this register. (Do NOT click on the "Adapt" button, as this is used to refine the mesh).

Next, go to "Mesh->Separate->Faces" Under options choose "Mark", under Registers, choose the register you created in the previous step, under "Zones", select the hemisphere which you want to separate. Click on "separate" and you will now have divided your hemisphere into two regions.

Good luck!


prince_pahariaa July 11, 2011 02:36

Problem in finding "Mesh- Separate faces" option
Thankss for the replyy..

Initially i ran into trouble in finding "Mesh-> Separate faces" option. Later i found it under "GRID->Separate Faces" option. I am going to follow the suggestion u have give. Hopefully it should work. I will let u know.

Thanks for the help..

KristianEtienne July 11, 2011 02:58

Hello again,

Yes, some names on the menu where changed between versions 6.3 and 12, among others; "Grid" was changed to "Mesh".

Good that you found it anyways. Good luck!

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