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Ali Hashmi July 10, 2011 15:01

fluid droplet evaporation
Hi, i am new to this forum and wish to know which of the following models, VOF model or DPM, can be used to simulate the evaporation of a static fluid droplet placed on a heated surface (at constant temperature). I have searched many posts and have even seen FLUENT tutorials as well, but to my vain, i have not found a convincing answer or even a hint ... can somebody help me please?

subha_meter May 18, 2012 20:50


You can use VOF to model evaporation of static droplet. You need to incorporate mass source term in the gas phase and and a negative mass source term of same magnitude in the liquid phase. A negative source term will also need to be added to energy equation which is simply the mass source term x latent heat of vaporization. There are couple of vaporization models e.g. Knudsen Hertz diffusion model which you can use to model your source term.

Alternatively you can try to use Ansys Fluent 13 onward version which has an inbuilt boiling module based on the above mentioned model.

Hope it helps.

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