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wprostaff July 11, 2011 08:02

Bubble column, multiphase model
I'm trying to model air passing through oil by using Fluent. I'm mainly interested in the pressure drop when the air is leaving the oil. The thing is that air is entering the column through the inlet (only air) and the oil is holded inside a plate the air is obliged to pass throug. After the air is leaving this plate, the flow develops until outlet is reached. I've divided the complete volumen in three sub-volumes(inlet-air pre oil volume-oil-air post oil volume-outlet). Is it feasible to model this by using mixture multiphase model or full eulerian multiphase model? How can I model that oil is only present in oil volume? I don't have any information about the boundary conditions before the air is passing through the oil, have I? There's the possibility to consider porous media but I don't have any information about porous parameters and furthermore, I'll try later to model mass transfer (air is holding xylene) of xylene from air to the oil.

Thanks in advanced

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