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sincity July 18, 2011 21:01

Tutorial Phase separation FLUENT (HELP)
i need some tutorial about phase separation (multiphase fluid) from FLUENT thanks.

sincity July 19, 2011 22:16

dear mr. sadeghi
let me introduce myself, i'm undergraduate student in one of indonesian university my major is mechanical eng. my final task is about modelling gravity separator which use three phase of fluid (gas-oil-water) i'm using FLUENT as my CFD code...i want to ask some question about modeling three phase in FLUENT, would you help me??

eng_s_sadeghi July 19, 2011 22:38

for fluid seperation, you should use vof 3phase model. also you should enable gravity.
they will seperate by time, after initial condition. the point is that you should use unsteady solution to could converge.

sincity July 19, 2011 22:44

using VOF for my model of my three phase simulation....should i add UDF for that, or not???because i read in FLUENT user guide that if i have more than one secondary phase i should adding some UDF called phase domain index???...would you explain it to me?? i'm very confusing should i use UDF or not for the three phase simulation

eng_s_sadeghi July 20, 2011 00:47

There is no need to UDF in this step.
you should just enable 3phases and run as an initial solution.
then you can add more details such as drag, lift, surface tension between phases, etc.

sincity July 20, 2011 01:16

i've tried in so many ways doing the simulation but why i didn't have my interface correctly.
here is my set up, i use VOF multiphase model

fluid: gas--->primary
oil ---->secondary

boundary condition: inlet--->mass flow inlet

implicit VOF scheme

gravity enabled

k-epsilon standard wall function

specified operating density enabled, PISO,PRESTO, Unsteady state

so i beg for you mr. sadeghi if you have been doing some multiphase flow like this you could give me an assistance or maybe you didn't but you have colleague who was an expert in gas-oil-water separator maybe you could connect me to him/her. thanks mr. sadeghi. (i almost did this for two years and no results)

sincity July 20, 2011 03:25

i just need your guidance if you mind, i'll do it by myself. mr.sadeghi do you have a colleague that expert in this topic??

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