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Koranten July 19, 2011 16:47

Fire Modeling

I would like to simulate fire with FLUENT.

Usually, the hard part of this type of simulation is to determinate the source terms (energy, mass of products). But in my case, I do have these data (from tests).

All I need to know now is how to take into account the radiation from the hot gases. How is it possible to do so? FLUENT can deal with radiation from solids through fluids, but what can we do about radiation producted by hot fluid?

Of course, in reality, the radiation does not come from the fluid, it comes from the small hot solid particles contained in the hot fluid. I can model these particles with an equivalent gas (I intend to do a multispecies simulation).

So, radiation from the gas should be a function of the gas temperature and of the concentration of the particle-equivalent gas.

But, again, how can I do that?


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