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eng.nassim July 30, 2011 14:31

control the stored text amount in the program window
dear all
I'm using a macro which print the moment value to the screen after every time step .
when I come back to handle the resulted moment values ,I found that the program had automatically deleted the older values and keep only the results of about47 time steps of overall 720 time steps.
how can I tell fluent to keep all the text had printed to the screen during the calculation process.
thanks in advance.

fox000002 July 30, 2011 22:37

Use transcript, or write moments to a file.

eng.nassim July 31, 2011 15:45

l've just tried to wrlte the moments to afile during the macro excuting an to replace the file with the new one automatically and it is working very well.
thanks very much 4 ur reply anyway, but what do you mean by trancecript this is new for me

fox000002 July 31, 2011 19:49

File/Write.../Start Transcript...

The output text will be written to a transcript file.

Remember to Stop Transcript at the end of the execution.

eng.nassim August 1, 2011 08:47

thanks very much i'll try it,although i thging that the first way " write moments to a file " is more easier to handle .

eng.nassim September 16, 2011 06:21

low and negative torque
dear all
my results shows very low torque and consequently very low efficiency (~0.2 %) and in other cases (different values of TSR) negative average torque value, what does that mean???

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