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RodriguezFatz August 5, 2011 08:48

pipe flow problem

I try to simulate a pipe with a small sphere in the middle of the pipe. The setup is axisymmetric / 2D.
Now, if I mesh (ANSYS meshing) the pipe without the sphere (circle in 2d) everything works. When I add the sphere, use the boolean operator to cut the sphere from my pipe, meshing seems to do strange things: In Fluent the mesh->check shows:

Domain Extents:
x-coordinate: min (m) = 0.000000e+00, max (m) = 5.000000e-02
y-coordinate: min (m) = -1.910449e-19, max (m) = 4.000000e-03
Volume statistics:
minimum volume (m3): 3.118485e-12
maximum volume (m3): 2.481858e-10
total volume (m3): 1.516363e-06
minimum 2d volume (m3): 2.981272e-09
maximum 2d volume (m3): 1.610946e-08
Face area statistics:
minimum face area (m2): 4.314410e-05
maximum face area (m2): 1.744247e-04
Checking mesh..............
WARNING: Invalid axisymmetric mesh with nodes lying below the x-axis........................

WARNING: Mesh check failed.

which means, that meshing put some nodes below the x-axis (1.910449e-19 !!!) for some reason. Any ideas why that could happen?

husker August 8, 2011 09:46

Can you upload a few pictures Rodriguez?

RodriguezFatz August 9, 2011 07:59

Hi husker,

Thanks for offering help. I have no clue what the problem was, but creating the model a second time solved it!

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